StudyDIY | 加拿大Co-op遊學打工 | 餐飲及飯店管理文憑+工作實習


就讀學校: Greystone College

就讀課程: 餐飲及飯店管理文憑實習課程

就讀期間: 2018/08 – 2020/06


I am a student from Taiwan currently taking Hospitality Management Co-op Program at Greystone College. Over the past few months, I have gained plenty of knowledge from the professional instructors, including hospitality sales and marketing, revenue management, convention management service, managing technology, and so forth. There are all kinds of reasons why I chose Greystone College as the cradle of my dream.


First of all, Greystone College provides a variety of courses related to this fast-growing industry. In addition to those mentioned above, we can also acquire industry knowledge of housekeeping, front office operations, food and beverage service, security and loss prevention management, the lodging and food service industry, human resources, supervision, and hospitality accounting through the program. It is worth mentioning that Greystone has been a partner of the American Hotel & Lodging Education Institute (AHLEI) which provides hospitality education, training and professional certification since 2003. Therefore, we can receive internationally-recognized certificates from AHLEI for every course in the program. From my point of view, it is a great advantage when we are seeking employment with those certificates.

Secondly, teacher professionalism is one of the considerations for me. Because I do not have any related knowledge and work experience in the hospitality industry, I was worried that whether I could understand lectures and keep up with my schoolwork. After I attended Greystone College, I realized that my thoughts were unnecessary. All of my instructors, Amery, Terry and Johnny, care about us a lot. They always do their best to prepare for classes and give us a straightforward presentation. Moreover, they are willing to help us and answer our questions with patience. The most important thing is that the instructors often encourage us to learn and never give up, which makes me confident and get over all difficulties. It was such a pleasure to be their student at Greystone College.

Not only can we learn a lot of knowledge of the hospitality industry, but we have an opportunity to improve our work placement skills. For those students who are in co-op program like me, Greystone College opens classes to help us with our resumes and cover letters. Furthermore, we also have a chance to prepare for a job interview through mock interviews with the instructors. They are always generous in giving us some advice and letting us know what we do well and what we need to keep struggling. In addition, Greystone College has an excellent reputation in many good companies so job fairs regularly take place at school. It is very lucky for us to have more resources to enter the workplace where we can apply what we have learned in school.


Last but not least, getting to know a great number of people from different countries at Greystone College is the best thing for me. While learning or doing group assignments, we have many chances to talk with our classmates coming from Korea, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, France, Iran, Thailand, etc. It is very interesting to learn their cultures and styles of doing things. When we have spare time, we all gather together and have a lot of fun. Because of them, I always enjoy my life here and make numerous unforgettable memories.

Finally, I would like to thank Greystone for creating a favorable learning environment, having many fantastic instructors, and helping with our careers. I really appreciate it!

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